Sun, Teddy and Grizzly

Picture Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The classic tale of a girl that stumbles upon a situation, tries a variety of things to find perfection then feels fully satisfied once she’s found it. The concept of the tale is no different to dating; swap the porridge, chair and bed for prospective partners and Goldilocks for a singleton living in the city. Just like the singleton, Goldilocks has to try the variety on offer in order to find the perfect elements.

So, let’s start with the porridge that was too cold. If you’re being technical, the necessary ingredients were there as such, but after trying it, cold disappointment was the only outcome. Have you ever been in a situation where the idea of being with a certain person seems like pure brilliance, but your time together is boring? That’s like cold porridge. It ticks some boxes but it’s not half as enjoyable as it should be.

We cannot forget the porridge that was too hot and instantly burnt you. Sound familiar? This covers a vast array of situations, which cause you to never go there again. Usually it’s being screwed over by someone you liked or trusted or even fell for. When your expectations of what it will be like are high, so you throw yourself in without hesitation or thought. Play with the fire and you’re bound to get burnt!

The chair that was too small, the pressure to fit was overwhelming and the squeeze just made you feel uncomfortable. The feeling of too much pressure too soon, ever experienced it? This reminds me of a chap I once dated. Too much at once and no view of easing off anytime soon. By the third date, this gent had already planned out the rest of our lives together. This is by no means an exaggeration! His words being “if this goes the way I hope it will, then we’ll buy a house together round my way”… I am no commitment phobe but this did have me heading for the hills rather sharpish!

So after all of Goldilocks’ trial and error testing, she finally finds the perfect dish, somewhere comfortable to relax and the perfect place to rest her head. I think that’s what most of us want isn’t it? Let’s be honest, it doesn’t always pan out as expected, but it’s fair to say that this kind of trial and error is bound to uncover the best on offer. 


Although, let’s not bring up the phrase “who’s been sleeping in my bed” because no one should ever need to ask that question!


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