Over and above

The efforts we women go to in order to impress a man.

Whether it’s a fancy meal out, an evening at the cinema, a night of cocktails and dancing or just a normal weekday night in, we all make an effort for our fella. Obviously the level of effort is individual to each person but I find that for a woman, attention to detail is paramount. Unlike men, who only need to have a shower and get dressed, I think it’s fair to say that women have a full process to go through which requires strategic planning. It also has to be said that I am a proud hostess and I don’t do things by halves. Date night is a prime example of this!

So, we agreed to have a night in at my place on a Wednesday night. It had been a difficult day at work (to say the least) but there I was on a Tuesday night, spring cleaning all of the downstairs of my house, dusting all nooks and crannies in the bathroom, kitchen and lounge, wiping all the windowsills, rearranging the furniture, cleaning absolutely everything until it shines!

Once the house was gleaming, I did the mad dash to the local supermarket in search for all of the ingredients for my menu. I had decided on 3 courses, although I requested that he provides dessert (calm down, I do actually mean dessert). For starter, I selected a modest pâté on toast. Being the future housewife I am, for main I had chosen to cook a rib-eye steak with sauteed potatoes and mushrooms of course.

The day itself arrived and was a rather busy one. I rose early to hit the gym with my pal before doing a manic day at the office. Finished work bang on 5pm to whip home and start the ‘getting ready’ process. Shower, exfoliate, shave, moisturise, dry hair, style hair, paint nails, apply make-up, pick something jaw dropping to wear then hit the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Luckily, my menu required barely any preparation, grab everything out the fridge, whack some pans out the cupboard and hey presto, we’re good to go! The table was set (this wasn’t going to be a teas on knees night), the scented candles were lit and the tunes are on.

Come on ladies, what man doesn’t want to turn up to their woman dressed in a drop dead outfit in a spotless house, while a steak sizzles on the grill? Like I said girls, the efforts we go to. Now just the anticipation of his arrival…


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