Moors, Mud & Move Over Heathcliffe!

With a big yawn and sleepy eyes, I slowly pulled my jeans and a top on, clambered into shotgun position, then  wrapped his furry bear jacket around me and propped a pillow against the window for my heavy head. An adventure in Bessie the camper van is what I had signed up for, but I... Continue Reading →



Finally the day has arrived where my mini summer holiday with my love begins! ‘Excited’ would be an understated adjective for how I felt about this trip. Not only would we be touring around some of the prettiest beaches in Wales, we are visiting one of my dearest friends and her other half, but the... Continue Reading →

Sun, Teddy and Grizzly

Picture Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The classic tale of a girl that stumbles upon a situation, tries a variety of things to find perfection then feels fully satisfied once she’s found it. The concept of the tale is no different to dating; swap the porridge, chair and bed for prospective partners and Goldilocks for... Continue Reading →

Hansel, Gretel & The Ghost

Welcome to dating in the 21st century! If you thought dating in previous years was tricky, then I wish you the best of luck in joining the game now. What with bread crumbing, ghosting and the lack of anything reasonably reliable these days; dating is now one of the biggest minefields in the war of... Continue Reading →


The journey you endure during a break-up is one of emotional purity. It’s like your mind is fighting to remove all the toxins, but not before processing them over and over until they can be totally eradicated. The feelings of upset, anger, hate, confusion, anxiety. All of them are key parts of the puzzle we... Continue Reading →

Over and above

The efforts we women go to in order to impress a man. Whether it’s a fancy meal out, an evening at the cinema, a night of cocktails and dancing or just a normal weekday night in, we all make an effort for our fella. Obviously the level of effort is individual to each person but... Continue Reading →

The Struggle

'Relationship'. The word is now taboo. In the moments of confusion, unhappiness or even silence. I find myself desperately trying to understand the situation from his perspective. What was he thinking at the time? Why did he do those things? Why did he not do anything? Why didn’t he call or text or even just... Continue Reading →

False Pretence

Online dating is no different to the first five minutes of Blind Date. “What’s your name” and “where do you come” from are probably the only truthful details you know about the other person, anything else about them can’t really be confirmed until you meet. I say this due to experiencing awful first dates with... Continue Reading →

Game of Signs

Have you ever seen the film He’s Just Not That Into You? Well consider me in the role of Gigi. I am in the dating game, meeting all sorts of men but I am yet to find my Alex -  the ultimate dating adviser... Without such a guru to advise me each step of the... Continue Reading →

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